Microlearning is a powerful learning tool that you should use within your business.  Microlearning leverages technology and engages learners where, when, and how they want.  


We tailor microlearning to create greater benefits for both the learner and the organization.  



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Learning is not memorizing content.  Real learning happens when the learner makes a connection with the content.  I help designers and instructors create learning experiences to facilitate a learner’s ability to make a deep connection with the learning content.

Dr. George Hanshaw


We help teachers, instructors, professors and designers to facilitate a learner's deep connection to the content.  We can do this for you or just contact us.  We love to talk with others who are changing the learning experience.


Knowledge is no longer the currency of education.  Our 21st century learners are in a time when knowledge is readily available to anyone with an internet connection.  Our 21st century learners need more tools to help build tangible skills with the knowledge.  

We are obsessed with 21st century learners and learning.  More specifically we are obsessed with researching and sharing ways technology can be utilized to meet the needs of adult learners and companies that employ them.  Technology gives us more ways to connect learners to the learning on a deep and meaningful way.  Adults in the workforce and those just entering the workforce are witnessing dynamic change in the economy and current business practices.  These changes represent exponential changes for those teaching and training adults in the workforce.  Our obsession is with all of the ways we can leverage technology to create learning environments that are meant to help facilitate a more collaborative and meaningful way of learning.

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