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Fight Against Boredom

We are on a mission to help you create engaging learning experiences by converting your current training presentations into an interactive and engaging learning Experience for the web or for face to face training.

Dr. George has over 20 years of experience creating meaningful and engaging learning experiences for higher education, training, and professional development.

May's Amazing Value



  • Transform your training slides into a learning experience.
  • Design an interactive and engaging learning experience for the web or face to face training
  • You provide your current slides
  • 20 slides or less
  • I Create a learning experience from your presentation
  • Product is delivered in 5 days or less

$2,500 Value

When I create a learning experience I focus on how the learner builds a relationship with the content.  Learning has to be meaningful and focusing on building that learning relationship requires you to design in different ways. -Dr. George Hanshaw

One of the most effective learning experiences I ever designed did not have any lecture at all.  It was a composite lay-up course.  The feedback that we got from the learners was the best we ever received.  Think from the learners perspective first! -Dr. George Hanshaw

How It Works

email me your presentation 

or join in a live chat with Dr. George.

We create your new learning experience

We take a look and come up with an idea and strategy.

We deliver to you in 5 business days or less

We communicate the idea  and strategy and you give us your thoughts

You enjoy delivering an engaging learning experience

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