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Professional Development

Instructional Design

  • Instructional Design Bootcamp

  • Needs Assessment

  • Design Models

  • Practical Design (What really works)

  • ROI

Educational Technology

  • How to leverage technology to increase learning engagement.

  • Technology to bridge the distance gap.

  • Ed Tech Bootcamp

Training and Instruction

  • Train the Trainer

  • Training in a Virtual World

  • What works

  • Assessment - How do I know when they know? 

  • The Advanced Trainer

Multiple Options for Every Course

All of our training courses utilize either project based or problem based learning strategies.  What this means for you is that you will gain skills you can apply to your work.  Most importantly it means that you won't be bored.  You will be learning by doing.  This type of learning also fosters a higher level of critical thinking.

Select the training you would like to attend. 

How It Works

Select the modality you prefer

Participate in the training

Successfully complete the final project

Download you virtual badge

Get Certified

There are certification tracts for instructional designer and trainer.

All of our courses can be used towards a certification.

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