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Custom quality learning
solutions to fit your
needs at a lower cost..

We have your six!

Instructional Design

We have your back when it comes to effective high-performance course design.  You can measure it!

Effective courses can be challenging to develop.  Online courses take a different set of strategies and skills to create than in-person on-ground courses. Let us help you with any of your learning or design needs. We can take the worry and pain out of the process. The Twenty-First Century Learner team are the experts in creating high-performance learning.  We do this by first aligning the course to what is important to the stakeholders. This makes it easier for you to report the successes and milestones to the people you need to keep informed.  Our success is your success. 

We create courses from evidence-based strategies that include adult learning theory, mindset, neuroscience, and psychological safety. 

Training and Development

Custom training and development solutions to meet your needs.  You can measure it!

Training and Development is a time-consuming and continual process.  We are experts in training and development.  No matter what your needs, you can count on us to deliver high-performance training and development.

We can deliver a custom-built course that fits your needs as well as the needs of the organization.  

The way we do this is simple.  We ask you a few questions either on a video call or survey.  Once your needs and the organizational needs are identified we can create a more effective development program that has measurable results!

Whether it is a fully mobile course or an on-ground development program we have your back with our custom-built programs!


Higher Education

Showcase your expertise!

Delivering your graduate and undergraduate courses is difficult under normal circumstances.  Transitioning courses to online delivery makes it a lot more complicated and time-consuming.  Not only do you have to deliver the content online, but you also have to do it in ways that make it meaningful for your students. Just as you are experts in your field we are experts in online learning.  Specifically in mobile learning.  Here are three primary ways we can help you and your faculty showcase your expertise.

  • Integrated faculty development.

  • Instructional design as either a consultant model or a design house model. 

  • Online course evaluation using 8 areas of focus to include, inclusive design, psychological safety, and aligned assessment. 

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